What he said:


This movie had promise. That’s not to say I saw glimpses of a good movie that could have been better with a few minor tweaks, because I did not. What I mean is the general premise has potential to be absolutely terrifying.

A group of explorers trapped in an underground cave sounds scary as hell, right? The darkness, the claustrophobic environments, and other life-threatening factors could have made this a truly horrifying movie. Oh, and did I mention that the cave is flooding due to a massive storm up on the surface? The physical circumstances alone should have made this movie scary. It also could have made for one hell of a psychological thriller. This backdrop lends itself to all kinds of panic, paranoia, and other general madness. The movie does have aspects of that in it, but unfortunately they are more funny than dramatic. This immediately kills any kind of emotion or drama to the situation these characters find themselves in.

The acting in this movie is so bad, that it wasn’t extended to just a character or two. Every time I thought I heard a poorly delivered line of dialogue, someone else swoops in and does an even worse job. It was so hammy and laughable, that by the end of the movie I was cracking up; especially as Ioan Gruffodd’s character lost it. I would have actually given it the thumbs up for making me laugh if the movie wasn’t taking itself so seriously. Good cheese beads bad drama any day of the week. Unfortunately, this movie was trying to be serious and if it failed miserably.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on November 2, 2011.

What she said:


I felt somewhat cheated by Sanctum before I even watched it.  You see, during the month of October I was on a perpetual hunt for a truly scary movie.  You know, since it’s the season for screams.  And I thought Sanctum could finally scratch that itch.  Then, The He informed me that it’s not a horror movie.  I was so convinced that it was.  So yeah, I was disappointed from the onset.  Then I decided to look it up on Rotten Tomatoes, and great grizzleys, it only has a 30 percent.  That didn’t help things.  I reluctantly watched anyway.  I mean hey, what better did I have to do on a Friday night?

And the verdict.  It’s bad.  Oh it’s real bad.  But it’s sort of got that so bad it’s good thing going on.  Let me pause to give you a bit of background.  Sanctum is about a group of cave explorers who get sealed off from the above and have to push forward, deeper and deeper into the bowels of our planet, in order to escape certain death.  A nice thrill-ride premise if you ask me.  The problem is the acting is so terrible in this film that you can’t help but laugh.  There were actually a few moments where we burst out in laughter, even though I’m sure we weren’t supposed to.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty ok about it.  The filmmakers have to know that this flop is bad enough to be taken as a comedy instead of the genre that was originally intended. 

I really loved to hate this movie, and that’s why, even though it’s disturbingly bad, I still give it thumbs half up.