Sex Drive

Sex Drive

What he said:


Have you ever heard of this movie? Me neither. Aside from bit roles by Seth Green James Marsden (who was brilliant), I didn’t recognize anyone in it either, so I had no idea what to expect the first time I saw it. But when you are channel surfing the words “Sex Drive” tend to stand out. I caught this on TV a while back and thought it was pretty damn funny. We recently rented it because the She has never seen it all the way through and I was actually curious about the non-TV version of the movie. We ended up renting the unrated version, and man was it unrated for a reason. I couldn't tell you what all the additions were to this version, but some were very ovbious. Some of the jokes were really funny, but other additions added nothign to the movie at all other than shock value. One thing is for sure, this is not for the easily offended. This version of the movie makes American Pie look tame.

Sex Drive is about a young guy named Ian (Josh Zuckerman) who travels across the country with his two best friends – Felicia and Lance - to meet an online love interest. Ian is really shy and has no success with the ladies, so he hopes this online thing pans out. He’s also secretly in love with Felica (Amanda Crew), but she doesn’t share those feelings. He figures this mystery woman – named Ms. Tasty – is worth a shot. What could go wrong?

Sex Drive

Well a lot actually, as they encounter a variety of people and problems along the way. His buddy Lance (Clark Duke) is a smooth-talking lady’s man He also has a big mouth. This combination sometimes gets him into trouble.

Felicia (Amanda Crew) also doesn’t know why they are on the road trip. She thinks they are going to visit Ian’s sick grandmother, but problems arise when she finds out he’s really going to meet a girl. Felicia becomes jealous when she suddenly realized Ian might actually end up with somebody else.  She didn’t think she liked him like that, but realized she might when he seems like he’s moved on from her.

The biggest problem of them all though is the fact that they’ve stolen Ian’s brother’s car. Rex (James Marsden) is as obnoxious as they get. He’s extremely homophobic, tortures Ian, is obsessed with his car – which he calls “The Judge” – and is a huge motocross fan. He – as well as his father and little brother – thinks Rex is the definition of what it means to be a man, so he relishes in ragging on Ian. Marsden was absolutely hilarious. I have never seen him be so funny in my life. This has got to be one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen in this type of movie. Here’s a sample of him freaking out when he finds out Ian took his car. This is just a sample of this insanely funny character. I could not stop laughing at Marsden’s performance. The movie has a lot of other funny moments, but he steals the show.

The story is a combination of a few different teen comedies. American Pie and Road Trip are probably the most obvious. Though I have to say it was a combination of enough different sources it somehow managed to not come off as a blatant copy of any single movie. The story is fairly predicable, but the jokes are funny enough where the movie works.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on January 26, 2011.  It was updated on January 24, 2013.

Sex Drive


What She said:


Where to even start with this movie?  It reminds me somewhat of Fired Up!, one of those films that was quietly released, appeals to a younger generation, and that I’ve never heard of.  Except Sex Drive is way raunchier.  I’m going to review this film as if I only watched the theatrical version.  There’s an unrated version out there that you can rent, but it’s really just shock-value unrated, and the extra content adds absolutely nothing to the film.

Sex Drive

So, what, you wonder, is Sex Drive about?  The name implies so much, and for the most part is very telling.  The movie is about a loser guy, Ian, who wants to hook up with this super good looking chick that he’s been talking to over the internet.  He’s the skinny and wimpy sort of dude, but he’s Photoshopped a photo and fronted himself as a star football player.  The girl in question lives down in Kentucky, and so, one weekend while Ian’s parents are away, he decides to steal his big brother’s awesome muscle car, The Judge, and drive down to visit “Ms. Tasty,” as she is named.  His best friend, Lance, who happens to be extremely gifted with the ladies offers to go with him, and Ian’s female friend, Felicia, also tags along.  So, a road trip unfolds.  So yeah, in retrospect this movie is strikingly similar to Road Trip.  Anyway, along the way, Ian, Lance, and Felicia find themselves encountering many-a-adventure, and they meet some pretty interesting characters—a scary hitchhiker, Amish folk on rumspringa, and eventually Ms. Tasty herself.  Of course, nothing goes as expected, which adds to the humor of it all. 

I think the best part of this movie is Ian’s brother, Rex, played by James Marsden.  He’s a completely psychotic hothead who spouts out the most offensive, and yet funny stuff.  This may be one of Marsden’s best and mostly widely overlooked performances.  I say that while also chuckling to myself.  Ian and his friend Lance have a good dynamic as well, and they play off each other nicely on screen.  But don’t kid yourself, this movie is raunchy and downright vulgar at times.  It definitely pushes the limit for what I can stomach.  Fortunately, it never takes itself too seriously and that helps to get past even the most jarring moments of this flick.  Overall, Sex Drive is still pretty funny.  You have to tap into your immature side because this is not the most refined humor.  If you’re not into that type of stuff, then you’ll want to skip this, but if there’s still a little high schooler inside of you, then this movie might be up your alley.  I would say you definitely want to steer clear of watching this with family or children.  You need to find a set of friends who are as equally immature as yourself, and that’ll help to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Thumbs up.