Short Circuit

Short Circuit

What he said:


This movie is a childhood favorite that I happened upon at Target one dreary day, and at $5 I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own this awesome movie. By the way, curse you Target and your cheap DVD rack. Sure they don’t actually cost that much, but when I go there to pick up some groceries and grab a cheap DVD here and there, they add up!

Like The Goonies, this is one of those movies that just feels like magic to me. Watching it not only makes me feel like of 6 again, it puts me in a ridiculously good mood. Number 5 is just damn endearing, you can't help but love the guy.

After being struck by lightning, military defense robot, Number 5, seems to have a new outlook on life. For starters, he can actually think and act of his own will now and this puzzles many around him. Some think he's simply malfunctioning, others think he's an alien, and the government just wants him back, and he doesn't plan on going easily. He does everything in his power to make their attempts to reclaim him as miserable (and funny for the audience) as possible.

I think this was during that month span where Guttenberg made about 50 movies. This was one of the better one.

This is a solid family flick that I recommend you show to your kids. You'll be a better parent as a result of it. Trust me, they will love it, especially th younger one's.

Rating: Thumbs way up.