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Shutter Island

Shutter Island

What he said:


I was really psyched to see this movie for a few reasons.

One, this was something that (at least seemed like it to me) was new territory for Scorcese. Is it a psychological or supernatural thriller? The previews (and a healthy chunk of the the movie itself) keeps you guessing, but I won't tell you for fear of ruining the movie.

B, it was Marty Scorcese! Granted, I did not love a lot of what I have seen of him in recent years (I hated Gangs of NY and was eh on The Departed), but the guy is still a huge name. Well I have to say, considering I was pretty amped to see this, I felt it lived up to my expectations.

Visually, I thought it was an awesome looking movie. the clothes, the environment, the mannerism and ways the characters spoke, I thought it really captured the location and time period very well. The story was definitely interesting, to me at least. It had me from the get go and I was right in there through the end. Solid psychological, wtf, edge-of-your-seat movie imo.

The only complaint I had was some of the music and acting was over the top, but what do you expect in a Scorcese/DiCaprio movie? It worked for me in this case. Both of them are big on this and when it works, it works. When it doesn't, it drives me nuts. In this environment, it worked for me. I either really love or really hate DiCaprio's acting. He's like Nick Cage in that sense. Oh and there was one part of the plot I found to be a bit of a stretch, but I was able to get past it.

Rating: Thumbs up. This review was completed on July 20, 2010.

What she said:


I'll admit it. The first time I saw this movie, I didn't really see it. I was mostly just seeing the inside of my eyelids. But credit to the film, it was around midnight and I was exhausted. I remained interested in it, though, and was forced to wait weeks before I could rent it again.

It was well worth the wait. This movie challenges you to figure out the full extent of what is going on. You don't know who to trust, and you feel as crazy as the people on the island as you try to get your bearings. Leo DiCaprio didn't instantly annoy me in this movie, which he often does, and Mark Ruffalo was also strong.

I really enjoyed the cinematography in this film. It was dark and full of barren landscapes. There is beauty and yet a somber tone to the look of this movie, which captures its themes of death, loss, and coping. "Shutter Island" combines mystery, drama, and some thrills to create a compelling film that you'll hang in there for. It comes together at the end in a great way, and leaves the viewer considering the motivations of several of film's characters. Sometimes it's nice to experience a movie that exercises the brain muscles.

Diagnosis: Thumbs up