Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

What he said:


Initially, I had zero interest in this movie. I like most of Danny Boyle’s movies, but it appeared to be little more than a music video. The trailer was (literally) nothing but loud music and people running through the streets. It left me with virtually no impression of what it was actually about.

So having been a little turned off by the vague trailer – and really not knowing what the movie was about - I wanted to go into this with an objective opinion.

Without giving a whole lot away, it’s an underdog story about Jamal (Dev Patel) and his many attempts to escape the crime and poverty of the Mumbai neighborhood he grew up in. Along the way, he and his brother Salim encounter gangsters and all kinds of really shady people, but there’s a lone bright spot; Latika (Frida Pinto). Jamal believes her to be the love of his life. So-much-so, that he searches for her his whole life (after having been taken by said shady folk).

It’s not without its flaws though. The cinematography really bothered me at times. Danny Boyle loves these fast, loud, dizzying type of scenes. Meanwhile some kind of music is usually blasting through your scream. It is all very in your face. He does fairly often and the technique has worn thin with me.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written a long time ago, but revised for your reading pleasure on February 4, 2011.