Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz

What She said:


Take this Waltz is a somewhat boring window into the lives of people who are slightly off and not particularly relatable.  It tells the story of Margo, a 28 year old woman who thought she was happily married until she met her neighbor Daniel.  Their match seems fated, and their chemistry is intense, at least that’s how the movie makers want you to think it feels.  In the meantime, Margo begins to evaluate her relationship with her husband, Lou.  He’s successful, loving, and everything that should make her happy, but then why isn’t she?

This movie is about the dissolution of a marriage.  Depressing enough for you?  And let me tell you, it doesn’t really add charm or deep thought to really make the journey meaningful.  It’s also the most boring marriage break-down that I’ve ever seen.  At least get mad and start throwing stuff at each other.  The key here is that Margo (played by Michelle Williams) is too quietly struggling with her feelings for Daniel (Luke Kirby).  I mean, they both know they’ve got something going on, but Margo is very slow to ever really follow through on anything.  And poor Lou (Seth Rogan), he’s totally clueless.

Take This Waltz

Aside from the fact this movie is boring, here’s a brief listing of what I didn’t like.  Firstly, none of the characters are particularly likeable.  Margo and Lou together are nauseating.  They have this weird cute kiddie relationship that actually seems somewhat disturbed.  Is that how hipsters interact in relationships?  I don’t think so…  Second, does Margo have a job, or does she just wander around all day?  I’m asking that to the writers of this movie.  The answer seems to be no, even though she apparently is on a work assignment at the start of the film.  She must’ve lost her job or something because for 99 percent of Take This Waltz she just wanders around and, by the looks of it, sweats profusely all day.  Third, I know this movie is supposed to be a character study, but these characters don’t seem deep enough to be worthy of studying.  Michelle Williams does her best stare off into the great beyond, but that doesn’t give Margo any level of interest that would warrant following her around for two hours.  Lastly, the humor in is movie is not funny.  I think it’s supposed to be the dreaded “dark humor,” but it just seems stupid to me.  The only times I laughed was when Seth Rogan laughed, and that’s just because I was laughing at his laugh.  Get it.

So, while I would stop short of calling Take This Waltz torture, I’ll say it wasn’t very good.  I definitely would not want to watch it again. 

Thumbs down.