Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

What she said:


Do you guys remember all the hoopla at this year’s Emmys?  No, no, I’m not talking about all that Glee crap.  I’m talking about Temple Grandin, that HBO movie that turned heads and got everyone talking.  It’s the story of a woman who overcomes the impedances and stereotypes associated with her autism to achieve her dreams and make a difference in the world. 

I hear it’s a true story.  In fact, as Claire Danes and crew cleaned up the awards, the camera panned over several times to a woman standing in the crowd absolutely beaming.  That was the real Temple Grandin.

So, the movie isn’t bad.  It tells an interesting story, without a doubt.  But it does at times move a little slow.  Slow enough get me bored.  Claire Danes did an over-the-top job portraying Temple.  She seems to have worked hard to perfect her voice and mannerisms.  But I would have liked to have seen more of the tension and adversity that Temple faced.  It was there at times.  But there were long stretches where I didn’t feel like there was too much going on. 

I think the movie accomplishes a lot by taking the viewer into the unique mind of an individual with autism.  It shows that Temple Grandin, while often written off as nuts, was brilliant in her own away.  She just had to be understood for the stellar qualities that she offered.  There’s a lot of great messaging in this film, it’s just keeping the viewer interested enough to take it all in that’s the biggest issue.

Diagnosis: Thumbs halfway up.