The Other Guys

The Other Guys

What he said:


This movie opens up with one of the funniest, most awesomely over-the-top action sequences I have ever seen. It takes everything about an action movie, kicks it up several notches, and just really pokes fun at it. That was some great work in this opening sequence by Samuel L. and "The Rock". They really went with it and worked with their secondary roles.

Another good supporting role was Michael Keaton. I have not seen him a whole lot lately and he is a pretty funny guy. He does that whole intense, but funny, thing well. There's an on-going joke with his character that is rather clever.

And so I turn my attention to the two main stars of the movie Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Ferrell was his usual dopey self, so if you are not a fan don't even bother with this movie. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't; this time it did. This wasn't an Anchorman-level performance or anything, but it did deliver some memorable one-liners. The running gag about his character was rather amusing as well.

I have never cared for Mark Wahlberg in serious roles. I know he's all ripped and knows how to box, but something about his style just seemed so phony to me. I never bought him as a legit tough-guy. It was like he was trying to hard too be "hard". Don’t get me started on his range. He makes Keanu Reeves look overly emotional. But I have caught him in a few comedies lately and he's really impressed me. His too serious, wound too tight angle works better for me in a comedy than a drama or an action flick.

Eva Mendes did her best to hang with the boys and for the most part she did (and who are we kidding even if she didn't I wasn't going to complain about her being in the movie). Some of the jokes flopped, but that applies to all the characters, which is often the case in this type of movie.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie reviw was completed on August 23, 2010

What she said:


Will Ferrell movies have a tendency to go one of two ways. They're either quite funny, or they miss the mark. The Other Guys for the most part falls into the first category. Will Ferrell is typical Will Ferrell. Goofy, with a child-like moronic side that makes him innocently likable. He plays the ultimate detective/loser. He originally joined the force as some sort of law enforcement accountant, and is a desk jockey through and through, having never actually shot a gun before. Mark Wahlberg is an overwound hot-head whose career has been disgraced because of an unfortunate, but high profile accident. Ferrell and Wahlberg are forced to work as partners but have very different perspectives of the work that they do.

That's the basic set-up. From there the movie is a light and entertaining action/comedy. Ferrell is forced to become a real cop, and Wahlberg must likewise tame his wild side. The film is filled with one liners, and that's really what makes it funny. Like most Ferrell movies, there's a few quotes that you'll just want to repeat over and over to friends.

I like that Wahlberg has decided not to take himself so seriously and has recently begun embracing comedy. He's pretty good at it. He doesn't have to be a goofball to be funny; he just has to lighten up. The hidden gems of this movie are Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who play a slightly crazed hot-shot duo from the department. It's also nice to see Michael Keaton back in a comedic performance.

This movie isn't the best. Some of the jokes flop, which is often the case with Will Ferrell movies. But it's a solid summer popcorn flick. Pretty fun.

Diagnosis: Thumbs up.