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Thundercats: Season 1 (2011)

Thundercats 2011






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So often nowadays, when we hear the word “remake”, our eye-rolling reflexes kick in.
We can’t even help it at this point. It’s an automatic response, because there are simply so many. The entertainment industry has inundated television and movies with remakes for several years now.   

I get all of that. But I won’t dismiss something solely based on the fact that it’s a remake. Plus, let’s face it, some of the cartoons we loved as kids were crap. They were so poorly made, but had appealing elements. So the chance to modernize and clean up an old favorite is something I always welcome. It worked wonderfully with Battlestar Galactica, so I was willing to give this  a chance.

I liked Thundercats when I was a kid, but GI Joe, Transformers, and He-Man were my big three. Interestingly enough, I think the original is a lot more bearable than some of my other childhood favorites. That being said, I do think the original Thundercats had a pretty high cheese factor (and not always the good kind of cheese). More specifically, the way Lion-O serves as his own narrator  always struck me as extremely goofy. I realize it was a kids show, but did they really find it necessary to have Lion-O explain to the audience what he was doing all the time?


So when I heard that this show was getting revamped – and actually saw what it looked like – I got rather excited. It is a gorgeous looking cartoon; especially when viewed in high definition. In a world where animation has been taken over by CGI, I was excited to see a more traditional looking animated show. It is a very crisp and vivid looking show. It’s also a little more adult than the original. It isn’t something only kids can watch, but is totally suitable for children. It’s the kind of thing you could watch with your own kid and totally enjoy; which is a nice thing considering so many things for kids out there are absolutely painful to watch. Take this for example.

This remake kicks off with a bang. The first two episodes were fantastic and depict the fall of Thundara. These episodes have a great story and the best battles in the entire season imo. If all the episodes were like these two, I’d have absolutely no problems with the show at all. The next several episodes can be a little hit or miss at times, but the show closes out with another few strong episodes in a row and cements it as being superior to the original as far as I am concerned.

It’s not a perfect show though and sometimes suffers from one of my biggest gripes with movies/TV. There are times where this show can suffer from some anti-climatic action, which I hate. There’s nothing worse than something that’s supposed to be a thrilling and is as boring as can be. It does suffer from that problem from time-to-time, but not enough to make me outright dislike the show. It also split the first season into three parts and as the show went on, the later episodes got more les compelling. This should could have been great - and started off that way - but really took a nosedive towards the end.

Rating: Thumbs half up.

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Thundercats 2011