Universal Soldier: Regeneration

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

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I remember when the first one came out, I wasn't old enough to see it, so begged my mom to take me and a friend. I was glad she did, because we had a Van Damme good time. What 12-year old boy doesn’t love seeing two genetically enhanced, super-human, guys beat the hell out of each other?

Fast forward to a million years later and a lot of sequels totally worthy of ignoring and you get this movie. Seriously, don’t even bother with the other movies; I’m pretty sure this one blatantly ignores them.

Anyways, Regeneration is surprisingly good. No, really it is. It’s actually better made than the original. It has a darker, more gritty look.

It takes a very different approach and it was smart in doing so, because Lundgren and Van Damme are both past their prime. They actually worked that into the script.

Luc has long been decommissioned and is a shell of a man. Scott is a confused, but still violent version of the madman he was in the first one (and actually second fiddle to the main bad guy – former UFC champs Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski). I was pleasantly surprised how smart the approach to the plot was. They worked the age of these men into
the movie nicely.

Long story short, a bunch of terrorists kidnap some very important people’s children and are holding them hostage at Chernobyl. They make threats of a nuclear strike, have a new and improved version of the Universal Soldier, yada, yada, yada and the only one who can stop them good ole’ JCVD.

This movie was straight to video and that can sometimes be a bad sign. Truth-be-told, I didn’t even know it was made until I came across it in the movie store. But if you are an action junkie, give it a chance. It’s worth it.

Verdict: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on March 28, 2011.