Unlawful Entry

Unlawful Entry

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About a year back, I caught part of this on TV. It was the first time I had come across it in years and was about half way through. “The She” seemed interested in it as well. I mentioned that we should look on TV it in the future, because it was a good suspense/thriller; the kind of movie you want to see all the way through. So we eventually found it again and I am glad we did.

This is one hell of an entertaining thriller. It unfolds nicely too. Ray Liotta starts out as a seemingly helpful (if not overly eager to please) police officer helping a couple (Kurt Russell and Madeline Stowe) who were recently burglarized.

As time goes on, he becomes more and more attached to the couple; even exposing them to some of the more shady sides of law enforcement. One night, he decides to take Michael (Russell) out on patrol and they actually find the guy who broke into the couple’s house. Eager to please his new friends and distribute some street justice, Pete (Liotta) decides it would be a good idea to let Michael put a whoopin’ on the guy who assaulted his wife Karen (Stowe). Michael is very uncomfortable with this and things escalate from there.

Ray Liotta may not be a creepy or scary guy in real life (though I kind of get the vibe he is). But, whether it's a low-level mobster, crooked cop, or just about anything; he’s really good at playing one. He's a serious creeper in this movie and that's why it works so well.

Verdict: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure sometime in late 2010, but revised and expanded upon even more on February 4, 2011.