What She said:


Pixar movies have a way of being charming, relevant, and visually splendid.  I both love them, and hate them.  I love them because they are seldom sub-par, always tightly written and filled with fresh humor.  I hate them because their success has spelled the demise of traditional hand-drawn animation. 

Wall-E is a particularly memorable Pixar offering.  In many ways, it’s actually quite simple, but it’s that simplicity that makes the movie all the more meaningful and powerful.  Wall-E is about a futuristic Earth, where people have been forced to leave because of the waste that has overwhelmed the planet.  There are literally piles of trash everywhere and plant life is unable to survive.  In a futile effort to solve the problem, man created robots whose jobs are to clear trash, compact it, and organize it.  Wall-E is one of those robots, and by the looks of the movie, really the only one left.  It’s clear that humans have not been on earth for quite some time.  In fact, they now live on the Axiom, a huge space ship.  Anyway, while man sits around and waits, Wall-E continues to toil away, living a life of near solitude day by day.  He does have a little roach friend, which is cute.  Wall-E’s life seems lonely until Eve comes along.  Eve is a space-age, fascinating, and simultaneously scary lady-bot, who immediately steals Wall-E’s heart.  When Eve leaves Earth, Wall-E embarks on the adventure of his life, fueled by love but ultimately saving humanity.  It’s a great story.

Driven by an exceptionally illustrative musical score, Wall-E manages to tell its story well without the need for tons of dialogue.  That’s a true talent in a film—showing instead of telling—and is not often something that is achieved nowadays.  Wall-E exudes an innocence that is quite endearing, and yet he’s not too childish or stupid either.  He’s a great character to want to root for, a dreamer experiencing love for the first time.  Visually, the movie is rich with color and produced with sharp lines.  The landscapes of post-apocalyptic Earth are somewhat Martian with vivid yellows and oranges.  I particularly enjoy watching this movie in high definition, when it really seems to jump from the screen. 

From start to finish, Wall-E is captivating and entertaining.  Its 98 minute length assures that it is kid-friendly, and is more than enough time to have the storyline come full circle.  Even after multiple viewings, the movie is still a joy to watch.  It’s one of Pixar’s finest works.

Thumbs up.



What he said:


The guys and gals over at Pixar sure do have their stuff together. I would have to sit down and really think about it, but this might be my favorite one. It's hard to say for sure, because they produce such great stuff it really is difficult to pick just one and crown it “the best; but this is such a funny and charming little movie it’s worthy of consideration.

Wall-E is about a quirky little robot and his various misadventures.

In the future, the Earth becomes so polluted that humanity is force to pack up and leave. They head off into space in a giant space ship in an effort to find a new home; or hope that the situation on Earth would improve one day. This is where Wall-E comes into play. He is a robot who stayed behind and was programmed to help clean up. The problem is he’s the only one left. The rest of them have all broken down. This doesn’t dissuade Wall-E though, as he continues to do his job every single day; despite not having anyone around to give him orders, repair him, etc. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for him though. He has developed into quite the individual. He still does what he is programmed to do, but makes time for himself as well.


One day, while going through his daily routine, Wall-E comes across another robot named Eve. She is a probe sent back to Earth – by humans – to determine the living conditions of the planet. It’s love at first sight for Wall-E. Eve is all business at first, but eventually warms up to him and is then given a peek into Wall-E’s quirky little world. Soon enough, Eve returns to her ship, which takes her back to the other ship where all the humans are. Well Wall-E doesn’t want her to go and decides to come along. 

This is where he really starts to get into trouble. He gets thrown into the repair ward with all the other “crazy” robots, but luckily for him they all decide to join in the fun.

Wall-E is an excellent movie. It’s absolutely hilarious, got some nice adventure, and has given us one of the cutest, most likeable characters in recent memory. Sure you can see a little R2D2 and Johnny 5 in him, but Wall-E (both the character and movie) definitely stands out on its own. It's a wonderful little movie. It’s surprising how much expression they are able to put in their robotic little faces, but you can definitely see it. Sound also plays a big factor in this movie. The little sounds the robots make are surprisingly expressive, and the soundtrack is also very well-done.

This movie review was updated on September 14, 2012.

Rating: Thumbs way up.