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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

What She said:


My mom asked me this weekend if I had seen anything interesting lately.  I told her I saw a movie called Warm Bodies.  She looked at me quizzically, wondering what genre of movie I was indulging in during my free time.  I told her it's a zombie romance.  She then looked even more puzzled. Maybe I had not done the movie justice in my simple description.  But honestly, how else do you describe this film?

Warm Bodies follows a 20-something zombie, R.  He spends his days wandering around aimlessly, unable to really speak and without purpose.  We get to know R a little through his inner monologue.  He's an old soul, longing for something else, but he's trapped by the limitations of his ailment.  R even has his own place, heading home to an abandoned plane littered with various odds and ends that he picks up each day on his travels.

R's life is dull, until one day he meets a human girl, Julie, while he's out to lunch.  He feels an instant connection to her, and he fuels this lust by tapping into the memories of her boyfriend.  I should mention that he kills Julie's beau and steals his memories by eating his brains.  It's not very pretty but hey, it gets the job done.  R takes Julie hostage in a way, bringing her into zombie territory but promising to protect her from harm.  Fearing her life, she goes along with him, but in a true Beauty and the Beast story, things between R and Julie quickly begin to change.  In fact, R himself starts to change, returning to a more human state.  Realizing that something special is happening, Julie and R set out to try to reverse zombism in their city, and seek to have humans and zombies team up to defeat the evil bonies.  Bonies are the worst of the worst zombies and cannot be saved.

So, I basically just told you the entire movie.  Sorry about that, but there really are no secrets here.  What is great about this movie is how fun and humorous it is.  Nicholas Hoult does a great job as R.  Very authentic.  I'd also like to note that the Brit can do one heck of an American accent.  I did not even question it, and only knew he was British from elsewhere.  His mannerisms as R are very funny and come off as authentic.  I also love how they play up his inner monologue.  It adds good comedic timing.

This movie reminded me of a live action Wall-E, with zombies, of course, instead of robots.  Same sort of innocent, light, and fresh love story.  On the flip side, the bonies are actually fairly scary, which adds another dimension to the film.  The special effects for the bonies were not great, but I'm willing to overlook that because the movie had so much more to offer.

Overall, I really enjoyed Warm Bodies.  It was super fun. Now, if only I could convince my mom to watch it.

Thumbs up.

Warm Bodies

What He said:


The first time I heard about this movie was when an early photo was released. I think it was this one. Now if you notice, he isn’t exactly the scariest looking zombie out there.  The makeup isn’t bad, it just looks more like the Twilight version of a zombie than a traditional zombie. When I read that it was a romantic comedy, I was kind of expecting a comedic version of Twilight, but with zombies instead of vampires.

Well I am happy to say I was glad my initial impressions were wrong. This was a genuinely entertaining movie.

The movie opens up several years after the initial wave of the zombie apocalypse. We’re not told what caused it or what transformed our main character into a zombie, but it’s not important. Actually, I’m glad they didn’t tell us, I liked the mystery.

Warm Bodies

Speaking of our main character, Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie in his 20s, who spends his day wandering around an airport. He seems to have made this his “home”, as he’s set up shop in an abandoned plane. He collects things throughout the day, but always goes back home to his plane.

So one day, while hanging out with his buddy M (Rob Coddry) at the airport bar, R (Nicholas Hoult) says he’s hungry. Apparently they’ve run out of “food” at the airport. So the two of them, along with a couple of other zombie buddies, decide to wander out into the city and look for some humans to feast on.

Fate, it seems, has intervened in this situation. During his quest for some eats, R runs into a bunch of people his age, one of which is Julie (Teresea Palmer). Julie and a bunch of other fellow survivors are out on a supply run, scavenging locations for anything and everything they can use in their struggle for survival. R and his buddies attack them…well because they’re hungry. It’s nothing personal. A zombie has to eat too, right? During the chaos he sees Julie and its love at first site. He rescues Julie from the rest of his zombie buddies. He takes her back to the airport and hides her at his place. After Julie gets over the initial fear, she realizes R is a little different from other zombies. In addition to that, the more time they spend together, the more he starts to act like a human again.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies was a very entertaining movie. It was very light and funny. The horror even worked. The Bonies – the zombies who are beyond saving – were some of the scariest monsters I’ve seen in a comedy. They could have held their own in a legit horror movie, so they more than sufficed  for this movie. The movie has some heart as well. The She’s comparison to Wall-E (review here) definitely has some merit.

The movie is what it is because of Nicholas Hoult’s excellent perforance. His faces, mannerisms, and noises as a zombie were spot on. He added a layer of depth in portraying a zombie who realizes he’s slowly becoming human again. His portrayal of a character who has two very different – and conflicting – aspects to his personality were quite good. He makes the character deeper you would think it would be in a movie like this.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie was given the He said, She said seal of approval on June 14, 2013.