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World War Z

World War Z

What She said:


Right out of the gate, I'll say that this movie was, to me, better than the previews made it look.  I think the TV ads made the zombies look laughable, but with a little context they turned out to be pretty scary.  I was a little slow to even come around to the notion of watching this movie, but I'm glad that I finally did.  It turned out to be not too bad.
There's not much to know about World War Z.  Out of the blue, a mysterious illness begins to spread and it's turning everyone into gory, biting zombies.  I was amazed by how feral the zombies became.  They act very ant-like, swarming in groups to overcome their prey.  They also have a knack for whacking their heads against things like car windows.  Brad Pitt plays Gerry, just your average stay-at-home dad.  Actually, he's not so average.  He used to do intelligence for the government, and he still has a lot of buddies on the inside.  When the zombie invasion breaks out, he stops at nothing to keep his family safe.  That makes for a lot of running and ghoul slaying.  But Gerry is also recruited to try to get to the bottom of this outbreak, as the government and scientists search for a cure.  This brings Gerry across the globe, as he follows leads in his search for the truth.

World War Z

World War Z is sort of 28 Days Later meets National Treasure.  Pitt is good as ever, playing a distressed father and somewhat worldly type.  The movie manages to stay interesting; however some of the plot twists seem to falter.  There's a little too much telling to the audience, rather than letting us figure things out.  For the most part, I was impressed by the special effects.  There were some moments where I laughed at the zombies clambering over each other, but overall they were pretty spooky.  The film definitely had good makeup.

Generally, World War Z is a pretty good movie.  Not perfect, but solid enough.  I'd say it's worth checking out.

Thumbs three quarters of the way up.


What He said:


Zombies are everywhere. Literally. Since the resurgence of the genre in the early 00s, there have been countless video games, comic books, t-shirts, novels, movies, and even a TV show. I would attribute the resurgence of the genre to 28 Days Later (review here) and The Walking Dead (the comic book series, not the TV show). The infected in 28 Days Later aren’t technically zombies, but the idea of mindless, rabid, and cannibalistic people gets the lumped into the same genre. Plus, they tend to explore the same kinds of issues.

World War Z

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations employee who has chosen family life over his career. He used to be some kind of “investigator” for the UN whatever that means, but one thing that is clear is that he’s got some skills. When the shit hits the fan Gerry knows how to deal with the situation. It’s clear he has some kind of military and survival training.

Because of that, when the world does go to hell in a hand basket, one of his old colleagues, Deputy Secretary-General Thierry Umtoni, “recruits” Gerry back to work. You see, there is this doctor who has been working with the UN to try and figure out what the heck is going on. He thinks it’s a virus and believes he can creature a vaccine if he discover the virus’ origin. Thierry believes Gerry is just the man to lead a small group of people on a mission to find the cure.

This takes Gerry all  over the world. First he heads to South Korea, where he meets up U.S. Soldiers and a former CIA operative (played by David Morse), who give him a few clues about the outbreak started, but don’t know much about the virus’ origins. He then ends up in Jerusalem, where they are faring fairly well against the infected. They don’t know where the virus came from either, but hear rumors that the first wave of attacks might have started in India. Gerry is eventually forced to flee and in the process ends up teaming with young soldier named Segen (Daniella Kertesz). Gerry and Segen end up at a research facility in the United Kingdom.

I remember hearing about this movie’s production problems for a while. Script rewrites, reshoots, and other complications plagued the production of this movie. There was a lot of negative buzz about it before it even came out. Then when it did come out, it got pretty respectable reviews from critics and audiences alike. So, I honestly had no idea what to expect going into it.

World War Z

I would say this movie was more of an action flick than a horror movie. It focused more on action than the issues survivors face when dealing with a post-apocalyptic type of situation. It didn’t really have the deeper types of issues these movies usually have. Survivors usually face dire situations in this genre, and Gerry spends most of the time running around, trying to find a cure, and dodges explosions along the way. As an action movie, for the most part, it isn’t bad. There are times where the giant hoards of CGI zombies were more funny than frightening. I realize they were trying to create a chaotic environment  - and wanted their zombies to be a little different than  others – but it was a little much at times.

The movie seemed to move a little too quickly. A few minutes into the movie, Gerry – a former UN employee – is not only  back in the mix, but already on his way to another country. It hops around a lot and all came off a little too easy at times.

I had no problems with the acting. It was find.

Rating: Thumbs half up.

This movie review was written for  your reading pleasure on September 22, 2013.