You Again

You Again

What She said:


So, I guess you’ll like this movie more if you’re a chick.  Probably only marginally more, and likely only because of its sensational cast.  Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Victor Garber, and Kristen Bell all headline this fluff tail of a girl whose brother becomes engaged to her high school nemesis.  The plot thickens when the girl’s mother meets the fiancé’s aunt, her own high school frenemy.  I sympathize.  So many of us knew of someone in high school who had it all—flawless skin, bubbly personality, multitudes of friends.  But what gets annoying about this movie is the not so endearing jealous person that Kristen Bell aka Marni becomes when Odette Yustman aka Joanna comes back into her life.  As a viewer, you don’t really want Marni to give Joanna a chance, but you’ll also feel a little bad about it.  Marni sort of has it all now, why should she stoop to that level? 

You Again has some cute moments that’ll make you remember that it’s only rated PG, but a lot of the humor will fall flat.  The presence of Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver should make this a sure hit, but even these usually lovely actresses seem to be overdoing it.  Awkward situations and weird looks aren’t going to charm an audience.  And poor Kristin Chenoweth is reduced to a sequined gag who doesn’t even sing (boo).  I’m relieved that this movie didn’t go the way of The Family Stone, where I actually developed a hatred for the entire family.  But I was disappointed that such a promising concept was not well developed.  Shallow characters, simplistic dialogue, and goofy jokes that didn’t quite do it.  You’ll crack a smile, but will ultimately leave a bit unsatisfied.

Thumbs mostly down.  

What he said:


Some of us want to relive high school and others want to forget it ever happened.  Marni (Kristen Bell) falls under the latter category. She wasn’t what you’d call popular in high school and a large part of that has to do with the fact that the most popular girl in school – Joanna – tortured her on a daily basis. So when Marni finds out her brother Will (James Wolk) is marrying Joanna (Odette Yustman), she can’t just stand by and watch her brother ruin his life.

I like a good revenge story and the concept also lends itself to the comedy setting. It’s just the execution is so bizarre at times, you just end up sitting there staring at the screen. Sure there were a few times where a laughed, but overall it simply wasn’t very funny. I blame the script, because there are enough big names in this movie to where it could have been a lot more entertaining.

The best thing about this movie was the insane amount of TGIF alumni who appear in it. There are two really obvious ones. There’s another that I was proud of myself for picking up on, but apparently my perception isn’t as good as I thought, as there are at least two more. Let me know if you find them.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written on August 11, 2011.