Young Victoria

Young Victoria

What she said:


I'm a pushover for period pieces.  Maybe it's just my delusional yearning for a different era, but I'm a sucker.  I enjoy the romance, the drama, and the good manners.  At least how this is all most often represented in film, which is to the ideal. 

I thought for sure that I would love The Young Victoria.  It promised exactly what I wanted – romance and intrigue.  And while it certainly had flavors of both, I could not help but get bored.  I've taken a step back and asked myself, how could I get tired of romance and intrigue?  The intrigue starts to get predictable and flat, while the romance...well, it's ruined by the fact that it's with her first cousin.  Eww. 

I understand that the movie is supposed to be based on truth, and so the cousin thing was inevitable.  But, I just couldn't overcome it.  I was more concerned by the fact that the film just sort of lost my interest.  Once there is the huge blow-up between the Queen and her common civilians, things just peter out.  It was a shame, too, because the movie did start out strong. 

All around, I'd say the actors put on strong performances.  Emily Blunt showed some range and Rupert Friend was equally good.  I also enjoyed Jim Broadbent's angry portrayal of King William.  I just wish it wouldn't have become so stale.  Did I mention the cousin thing?  B+ for effort, but C- for execution.

The Diagnosis: Thumbs at a meager 25 percent.